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Digital Signage: Sidney Smith Hall Lobby

Do you have an event, program or message of wide interest to students, faculty and staff?

Great! The A&S Communications Office would love to help you share your message.

Who can submit banners?

  • A&S academic and U of T administrative units.

Where will my banner appear?

  • On the TV screen in the Sidney Smith Hall lobby.

When should we send our banners?

You must send in your banner(s) two weeks prior to your requested posting date.

How long will my banner be in rotation?

  • 1 to 2 weeks.

Banner Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1840 x 893 pixels
  • File size: No more than 600KB
  • File type: JPG
  • Word count: No more than 30 words per slide (140-170 characters)
  • Fonts & font sizes:
    • For legibility, only sans serif fonts may be used e.g., Helvetica, Futura, Franklin Gothic, Avenir, or Gotham
    • Don’t use more than 2 fonts on one banner
    • Fonts must be 46 pt or larger
  • Links: Please shorten links using U of T’s official shortener
  • If your text includes a day of week, use this format: “Mon. Jan. 3” the year is not needed
  • Include the U of T Wordmark, if needed but not the A&S Wordmark it already appears on the screen

    The A&S Wordmark automatically appears at the top left of the TV screen.


  • Remember, people are looking at the banners from a great distance keep it simple, short and engaging
  • Don’t cram in a lot of text  if it takes longer than 6 seconds to read text, revise it banners are only displayed for 7 seconds at a time
  • Use crisp, sharp photos at their full-size or smaller
    • Never resize photos to make them larger  this causes pixelation
  • Make sure your text is legible:
    • Use light text over dark backgrounds or images; dark text over light backgrounds or images
  • Be very careful when placing text over images  this can be very hard to readA photo of two women sitting in front of Sid Smith Hall with the words "This text is hard to read" over the image
Please note: Banners are posted at the discretion of the A&S Communications Office and may be edited for length, clarity and legibility.