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Meet Hawa Noor, Student Blogger in Arts & Science

Arts & Science student blogger Hawa Noor. Photo: Diana Tyszko.

Hawa Noor, a second-year student studying international relations, African studies and writing and rhetoric, remembers how much the Life @ U of T blog benefited her as a high school student. Now she is excited to be on the other side of the computer as the Arts & Science blogger.

“The blog was extremely helpful when I was in high school,” said Noor. “The posts on Life @ U of T were always funny and helped me to construct a very positive picture of what my university career might look like — it made the transition from high school a lot less scary.”

The U of T student bloggers — members of the Student Life Community Crew, who also connect with students on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram — help build community and encourage students to get involved on the St. George campus.

“Everyone on our crew comes from a different corner of the university and reading their posts reinforces just how many different perspectives there are among students,” said Noor. “I feel their stories and ideas help me broaden the lens through which I view the university and this changes the way I write.”

As the A&S blogger, Noor focuses on the experiences, opportunities and events available to undergraduates in the Faculty.

“Although my experience is only one out of thousands, I feel the stories and journeys I share will resonate with many of my fellow students,” said Noor. “I want other students to know what’s possible. I’m in my second year, and although I’ve settled in well, it’s hard not to feel like you are alone sometimes. I’m always honest about the stress, craziness, and how overwhelming things can get, and I try to share things that have helped me overcome difficulties.”

Noor — whose posts appear weekly — has many ideas about the topics she plans to cover over the course of the academic year.

“I’m planning on posting more about the diversity of the student body and the wide range of experiences available in our Faculty. I want to help make current and potential students aware of the opportunities that are available, as well as share the stories — both the accomplishments and struggles — of students from different cultures and backgrounds.

Her goal this year is to interact with as many other students as possible.

“The only way I’ll ever really know U of T is if I get to know the people who make it the great place that it is.”