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Meet the Arts & Science Killam fellows

Three Arts & Science faculty members have been awarded the prestigious Killam Research Fellowship by the Canada Council for the Arts. Jeremy Quastel, Sali Tagliamonte and Mark Lautens will each be provided $70,000 for two years of research. They comprise half of this year’s Fellows.

They spoke to U of T News about their research.

Quastel, of the mathematics department, on the impact of research on a society:

“What you develop here, turns out, unexpectedly, to be useful over there. So the important thing is to develop a rich mathematical and scientific culture in Canada, and for this, it is essential to have strong fundamental research.”

Tagliamonte, of the lingustics department, on her research:

“The really cool thing about this type of research is that it enables me to see how a highly complex evolving human system works and in turn how the human mind works. Also, because ongoing changes in language reflect social, cultural and other human factors I can also discover what is going on in the communities where people use language — network, neighbourhood, city, or country.”

Lautens, of the chemistry department, on advice for students:

“Discovering something new (and useful) is not that easy. It takes a special kind of person to endure the failure because they sense success will be so sweet. I would say students should follow whatever subject makes them feel passion.”