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2017 Superior Teaching Award Winners

The Superior Teaching Awards recognize some of the Faculty of Arts & Science’s most exceptional sessional lecturers and graduate student course instructors for their contributions to undergraduate education. David Cameron, dean of the Faculty of Arts & Science, presented the  awards on April 20th.

Graduate student course instructors

Parisa Moosavi, Philosophy

Parisa Moosavi was recognized for her excellent work teaching Bioethics (PHL281HJF) this past summer. Moosavi has greatly impressed the philosophy department with the excellent quality of her teaching — everything from her well-balanced course design and masterful guidance of in-class discussions to her thoughtful attention to the structure of written assignments, and her commitment to providing her students with the opportunity for peer-to-peer feedback on their work. Her students speak of her passion and charisma as a teacher — and how lucky they were to have her as an instructor.

Anna Stainton, Germanic Languages & Literatures

Students regularly refer to Anna Stainton as the best German instructor they’ve ever had, and praise her enthusiasm, energy, and ability to engage them creatively. Her colleagues are equally effusive, noting that Stainton stands out for her collegiality, helpfulness and willingness to share her ideas and teaching materials generously. Her impressive level of commitment to teaching and her initiatives have benefited not only her students, but the German language program overall.

Sessional Instructors

Jonathan Korman, Mathematics

It’s not every day a student thanks an instructor for a “wonderful semester in non-linear optimization” — well, not unless you’re someone like Jonathan Korman. Korman is accomplished in teaching a broad spectrum of students — from those with a deep appreciation for mathematical beauty to others with perhaps less of a loving eye for the discipline. His course evaluations are glowing. His students praise him for the thoughtful and gradual way he introduces difficult concepts and for his incredible availability and helpfulness.

Kenneth Yip, Cell & Systems Biology

Kenneth Yip has been creating engaging and rewarding learning experiences for thousands of students taking core life sciences courses since 2012. Whether it’s a lecture in Convocation Hall or in a classroom with 26 students, his passion for science combined with his interactive and engaging lectures make him tremendously popular. As an active cancer researcher, Yip also uses his expertise to give students a glimpse into cutting-edge research and the promises that it holds for the future.